About me

«Beauty has a power and gift to bring peace into hearts…»
Miguel de Cervantes

 I offer services of a professional stylist


I do all kinds of makeup:
• bridal
• festive
• prom
• evening
• everyday
• business
• natural («Nude»)
• lifting-makeup
• makeup for TV filming, photo and video shooting
• stylized makeup
• creation of commercial images
• makeup for portfolio
• image
• podium
• fancy
• children’s
• male
Professional cosmetics used: Make Up Atelier, Cinecitta, Make Up For Life, Kryolan, etc. In my work I combine classic, stick, aquarelle and European makeup techniques.


I perform brow shaping, correction, brow and eyelashes dyeing.


I offer permanent and semi-permanent eyelash extension (vulpine, squirrel, cocktail, 3D-effects, etc.) by applying following techniques:
– strip
– cluster


Nail extension services offered:
– nail extension and nail polish covering
– application of French tip (reversed)
– aquarium
I also provide natural nails strengthening with bio-gel.
I provide nail covering with gel polish.
Nail design:
– designing nails with acrylic paints, gel polishes, aquarelle, gels, including Chinese nails
– figure application of colour gels, stained glass gels
– «golden casting»
– Swarovski, paillette, beads, «grass», daze, colour pigments, etc.
– transfer water designs
I perform hardware manicure.
I use N.O.B.E.L, Harmony Gelish, Kodi, Polycolor, Iryna Giblett, MycroNX.


My diplomas:

9. Diploma_L.Tarakanova                   8. Diploma_N.Osaula                   7. Diploma_K.Nikitina

6. Diploma_F.Stain_                   5. Diploma_Kartashov                   4. Diploma_TarakanovaKutsan

3. Diploma_Nail_Design                   2. Diploma_M.Viletska                   1. Diploma-Graftobian-HD-Professional-Make-up1