Dear ladies, I would like to draw your attention to the following:

You should schedule your makeup beforehand!  For instance, one month prior to your wedding, few weeks before your prom, several days prior to the important event, etc.  We are already scheduling appointments for spring-summer-autumn.

Makeup takes hour or an hour and a half on the day of your special event.

State of your skin is an important factor that influences makeup application.  Maximum effect can be achieved if skin is well-prepared for the makeup.  If you skin exfoliates, most likely, foundation will not be even – and we don’t want that.  To eliminate exfoliation we need to do skin scaling prior to that important event.  If skin is very contaminated it is necessary to have it cleaned by the cosmetologist (7-30 days minimum prior to the event! depending on the state your skin).  Skin will become smooth and foundation will look perfect which is of prime importance for brides, because ceremony is held in the day light, not to mention that a woman should look peculiarly fresh and well-groomed on that day.

If you have oily or combination skin and it is hot outside – care to buy facial blotting tissues.  They will help to preserve freshness of makeup, prevent makeup “rolling” from the skin during the day.

If you expect lasting photo and video shooting – it is better to buy lip gloss or lipstick (colour and producer we will discuss during test makeup).

Brow correction should be done few days prior to the wedding.  If you have insensitive skin (your skin scarcely turns red when you pluck your eyebrows) correction may be done on the day of your wedding before you do your makeup.  I do brow correction as well.

It is better to do bridal makeup after you had your hair done or at the same time.

We recommend to have test makeup (for you to be 100% sure that you look perfect during ceremonial event).

Men should not leave themselves unattended on the special day!  Male makeup is necessary, for example, for the groom, TV appearance, public speaking, photo and video shooting.  Male makeup is targeted at concealing face defects (bruisers, under-eye circles, baggy skin, flushes, small scars, pigments, including birth-marks), correction of face form, creating fresh face image.